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Welcome to a page of some of my Sale Netherlands and Lionheads.
Here you will find a list off what's for sale etc.. please feel free to contact me if there's something special you are looking for. I am currently working on shaded,tans,Agouti, and Himi's and what ever else pops-up in the nestbox!! I have a great line of stock and many litters and does bred.Right now- I have a few Himis,and otters in dwarfs and will have a few Lionheads shortly- for sale. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and thanks for "hopping" by-Diana
Things I do,worming,nestbox tips..etc"
I always have people asking me what do you use to...??So I thought I would list the things I do on a regular basis, worming,etc..
1.Twice a year I worm all my rabbits except young kits or pregnant does with Piperzine. I put 2-3 drops directly into their mouths..much easier than doing the water mix.
2.On my nestboxes when my babies are about 9 days old I remove all the old bedding and fill the box with a light layer of shavings and nice grassey hay. Making it clean when the eyes start to open and giving the kits hay to munch when they're ready.
3.When I go to extended shows..week-ends..etc or thru a real hot spell I put Acid-Pak 4 Way in my water..keeps them on feed and can cover up any different water I may have to use if I run out of home water.
4.Also on extended shows 3-4 days when the rabbits HAVE to stay in the carriers I like to put a thin layer of shavings in the tray-then a layer of newspaper topped with more that on the 2nd day I can lift off the newspaper with dirty shavings on top and give the rabbits "fresher" shavings for the remainder of the show.
5.I always like to bred 3-4 does together to have some back-up Moms, and bred during the week so the babies will be born on a week-end when I'm home..always checking to make sure its not a "show week-end"!!